NBC’s Today Jokes ‘Amazing’ Putin Scores 8 Goals During Hockey Game

May 17th, 2015 8:53 AM

On Sunday, the hosts of NBC’s Today laughed at how Russian President Vladimir Putin scored 8 goals during an exhibition hockey game in Sochi on Saturday. 

Co-host Sheinelle Jones proclaimed “it was Putin on ice in Sochi Saturday. The 62-year-old Russian president scored not one, not two, not three, but eight goals at an exhibition hockey game with former NHL players.”

After Jones noted “no surprise here, Putin’s team, they won” Erica Hill insisted that the Russian president’s feat was “amazing” Jones then joked that since it was Putin on the ice “’ll just take a knee. And if I'm the goalie, go ahead. Just go right on in. Go ahead.” 

On ABC’s Good Morning America, newsreader Ron Claiborne sarcastically dubbed Putin’s 8 goals “Miracle on Ice” after he noted “his team won. Amazingly.” Paula Faris joked “[a]mazingly no one stood in his way” and co-host Dan Harris opined that he expected Putin’s team to just win "75-2" and ban the other team from scoring.