CensorTrack With TR: Big Tech RESTRICTS Past and Present Military Truths

September 8th, 2021 12:30 PM

It’s Week Two of MRC’s newest video series, CensorTrack with TR. This week, we talked about Big Tech’s apparent discomfort showcasing anything pro-military.

Big Tech has been busy censoring conservatives while the world is in uproar over the failed attempt of the Afghanistan withdrawal, natural disasters, and COVID-19. The first case came from Congressman Richard Hudson (R-NC) who posted a photo of the Taliban’s new arsenal of weapons and machinery (thanks Mr. President). Facebook decided to fact-check the meme in hopes that people would dismiss the fact that the Taliban now have billions of dollars of US machinery. 

According to Big Tech, real life American history is “offensive to some audiences.” YouTube censored a documentary titled “History: The American Revolution 1776 Documentary.” The 50-minute historical video was slapped with censorship and it took MRC’s Free Speech America team reaching out to get the label removed

Times like this remind us that Big Tech and the Left do not have the backs of the American people. Keeping truths secretive and restricting who can see them is no way to have a transparent, free speech honoring system. 

Watch below for the second episode of CensorTrack with TR! We encourage you to post it and share it across all social media. If you have been censored, contact us at www.CensorTrack.org and use #FreeSpeech to point out more of Big Tech’s unacceptable bias.





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