Exposed! Soros-Tied Group Is Reportedly Blacklisting Outlets (CensorTrack with Paiten)

February 20th, 2023 4:02 PM

You could be losing free speech online and not even know it. That’s the danger of the type of censorship recently uncovered by the Washington Examiner.

On this week's episode of CensorTrack with Paiten, we looked at the George Soros-tied Global Disinformation Index's (GDI) attempts to defund outlets like the New York Post, the Federalist, RealClearPolitics and The Daily Wire.

The Washington Examiner recently released a report about so-called “disinformation” tracking groups trying to cancel and demonetize outlets like the New York Post, the Federalist, RealClearPolitics and The Daily Wire.

One such group is the Global Disinformation Index, or GDI. This British group’s mission is to track so-called “disinformation and extremism across platforms” to “serve and inform advertisers, the ad tech industry” and other industries.

GDI accomplishes this mission through its Orwellian Dynamic Exclusion List – DEL.

According to the GDI website, the exclusion list is designed to “defund and downrank” so-called disinformation superspreaders and disrupt “the ad-funded disinformation business model.”

GDI claims it is “neutral” and “independent.”  But GDI’s exclusion list quickly proves this assertion incorrect.

Outlets GDI labeled as most at risk of sharing so-called disinformation included New York Post, Reason Magazine, RealClearPolitics, The Daily Wire, The Blaze, One America News Network, The American Conservative, The Federalist, Newsmax and The American Spectator.

Of course, by contrast, GDI attempted to prop up liberal media outlets as being the true symbols of good  journalism. GDI claimed outlets like NPR, AP News, The New York Times, ProPublica, Insider, USA Today, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed News, The Wall Street Journal and HuffPost least at risk of spreading disinformation.

Microsoft-owned ad company Xandr reportedly used GDI’s list to bar outlets from displaying ads on their websites, preventing them from accessing valuable advertising revenue.

But that’s not the end of the story. Media Research Center researchers uncovered another interesting connection between leftist GDI and none other than liberal billionaire George Soros.

“George Soros has spent decades specifically funding organizations to push anti-American and anti-capitalist and pro-woke politics views,” MRC Contributing Writer Catherine Salgado said. “Three members of GDI’s advisory board have ties to George Soros. One of them is a direct employee of Soros.”

She added that this “indicates that GDI cannot be objective because their advisory board is receiving funding from a billionaire who is very open about his extremely biased views.”

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