Global Elites Brag About Big Tech Partnerships to Control Speech

October 7th, 2022 9:48 AM

Global elites think they’re smarter than you. And they’re actively working with Big Tech platforms to control what you see and say online.

A few weeks ago, the World Economic Forum (WEF) held a “Tackling Disinformation” panel. Representatives from the WEF, United Nations (UN), Brown University and CNN gathered to discuss how to best control the narratives surrounding topics such as COVID-19 and climate change.

On this week’s episode of CensorTrack with Paiten, we looked at what our wiser-than-thou elites had to say about their favorite topic: so-called “disinformation” and “misinformation.”

Brown University professor of the practice of health services, policy and practice Claire Wardle called on groups and platforms to do more to “mitigate the harms” caused by misinformation.

“This panel is called ‘tackling disinformation,’” she said during the event. “But really it’s all forms of polluted information that we should be aware of and taking different steps, you know, to stop Russian actors who are deliberately trying to destabilize a country. We need to take certain actions there. To prevent Uncle Bob from sharing misleading information at the Thanksgiving table is a different set of responses. So, it’s all of these different things that we need to learn and understand in order for us to try and mitigate the harms of polluted information.”

UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming explained how the UN partnered with Big Tech platforms to control global narratives around climate change and COVID-19.

Fleming claimed that the UN deployed a “trusted messenger project, which was called Team Halo, where we trained scientists around the world and some doctors on TikTok, and we had TikTok working with us.”

The panelists openly said they picked winners and losers in terms of allowable speech. The UN asked Big Tech to amplify hand-picked voices to parrot the left’s globalist narrative. At the same time, Wardle called for the same platforms to silence those who allegedly "pollute" the internet with their unique, unapproved perspectives.

There are words for these actions: collusion, propaganda and censorship.

That is why we must stand up for liberty. We must call on Big Tech companies to mirror the First Amendment while providing transparency, clarity on hate speech and equal footing for conservatives.

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