OUTRAGEOUS! Former Google Exec Starts Overtly Biased, ‘Progressive’ Tech Coalition

March 30th, 2021 12:30 PM

A former Big Tech employee has started a new liberal advocacy group, and he has not attempted to even hide his organization’s overt leftist bias.

Former Google policy lead Adam Kovacevich founded the ridiculously named Chamber of Progress, a coalition dedicated to a so-called “progressive society, economy, workforce, and consumer climate.”

Did America really need yet another left-wing tech group? Apparently Kovacevich thought so. “Tech is leaving its dirty laundry on the floor, and the next step is marriage counseling. We can set rules both sides can live with, and smartly minimize tech's excesses while support what people like about tech,” Kovacevich reportedly told Axios.

The Chamber of Progress described itself as “a new center-left tech policy industry coalition” in an announcement. The organization listed three policy areas in which it plans to focus: so-called “Economic progress,” “Social progress” and “Consumer progress.”  

The organization also listed “Build back better” under the section “What we believe” on its website. President Joe Biden’s campaign used the slogan “Build back better” ad nauseam to promote his administration’s far-left agenda. So far, the Chamber has already thrown itself behind the controversial and dangerous H.R. 1. You would think that a tech-focused organization would have started by highlighting a policy like Section 230 reform, antitrust, or privacy rights, but no.  

The advisory board for the Chamber of Progress included former Obama White House senior official Vikrum Aiyer, Michele Jawando, a member of Google’s public policy team and Hillary Brill, the former head of government relations for eBay and PayPal. The advisory board also included Colorado state Senator Jeff Bridges (D) and New Jersey state Senator Troy Singleton (D).

The organization’s corporate partners included overwhelming liberal Big Tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Even companies like Uber, Grubhub and DoorDash have jumped on board with the left-wing agenda of the Chamber of Progress.

The Chamber of Progress claimed that “No partner companies sit on our board of directors or have a vote on our work.” However, the fact has remained that these major tech companies have decided to partner with the left-wing Chamber of Progress, and are no longer even trying to hide their overt bias 

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