Instagram Disables, Reinstates Christian Group That Posted Anti-Porn Video

July 2nd, 2020 4:02 PM

Instagram, a Facebook company, censored and then reinstated a nonprofit Christian account after it posted an anti-porn video.

Moral Revolution, a nonprofit Christian group that “speaks about healthy Biblical sexuality,” was shut down on Instagram for fighting porn. This happened shortly after it posted a video from Exodus Cry, a nonprofit focused on ending trafficking. The video exposed the harm that PornHub does, its possible connections to sex trafficking, and called for it to be shut down.

After being shut out of its Instagram account, the group, which had over 129,000 followers, started a campaign to get the account restored. The #bringbackmoralrevolution hashtag amassed over 350 posts in a day and a half. The group also launched a new Instagram account called “bringbackmoralrevolution” to galvanize support and restore the primary account. It reached over 19,300 followers in that same time period.

According to the Instagram account of one of the group’s co-founders, Cole Zick, the last post that was made on the Moral Revolution Instagram account was “the video from @exoduscry exposing pornhub and attempting to shut it down.” Shortly after, one of the staff noticed that the post had been removed, and subsequently also noted that the whole account had been shut down. The group then reached out to Instagram, who asked some questions, but had not yet explained why the account was disabled.

Moral Revolution’s website states that it has developed resources to help shape and initiate conversations about sexuality and morality, and it also explains the organization’s goal:

“Our goal in helping people to initiate these discussions is to alleviate the shame that is often attached to sexuality, and equip people to have informed, open and honest dialogues that ultimately lead to healing and wholeness. These resources include books, manuals, journals, courses, teachings, media and live events.”

The Media Research Center reached out to Instagram for comment, and after checking into the matter, the Moral Revolution account was restored. When the account came back up, the post with the Exodus Cry video was still in the group’s feed. No further comment on the situation has been provided by Instagram as of the posting of this piece.

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