Twitter Bans Doxxing, But Why Are Antifa Accounts Still Active?

October 4th, 2018 2:12 PM

Twitter can be like the aggressor in a bad relationship, picking and choosing which rules to enforce based on how employees feel at the time.

A suspect who allegedly posted the personal information of Republican senators online was arrested on October 3. When he leaked the information to Wikipedia, a Twitter account called @congressedits automatically broadcasted it to its followers. Twitter immediately suspended the account.

However, when alt-left site Splinter published an article linking to White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller’s cell phone number, its Twitter account was not suspended. Antifa account Smash Racism DC, which organized a protest that drove Senator Ted Cruz out of a restaurant, also published Gavin McInnes’ phone number on its Twitter feed. The account was briefly suspended and then restored.

Antifa accounts on Twitter are plentiful. One of the many tactics of Antifa in their attacks on the right involves posting personal information of those they oppose. Members of Antifa have told various press outlets that “A dox is a digital brick through a window.” However, these Twitter accounts linked to Antifa groups go undisciplined on Twitter, for the most part.

Yet somehow Twitter finds plenty of time to remove conservative figures for less clear cut violations, like “hate speech” and “impacting the elections.”

When the Media Research Center asked Twitter Communications why these accounts were still active even after breaking Twitter’s policy, Twitter responded, “We don't comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons.”