World Economic Forum to Champion AI at China Conference Despite Alarming Warnings

June 27th, 2023 3:30 PM

The globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) is pushing artificial intelligence development even as experts have cautioned on the threat the technology poses.

The WEF’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC) summer conference takes place this week, 27-29 June, in Tianjin, China. WEF has published articles describing highlights of AMNC’s discussion topics, including one titled, “These are the top 10 emerging technologies of 2023: Here's how they can impact the world.” In the AMNC piece, WEF pushed dangerous AI, despite evidence of woke programming in chatbots and consistent warnings from experts to pull back on development. WEF is even looking forward to introducing AI to health care.

The AMNC site states that the conference features Chinese State Council Premier Li Qiang, the titular head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government. The CCP oversees a dictatorial censorship and surveillance regime. WEF’s seeming determination to ignore AI’s risks and its pandering to the CCP are ominous signs for free speech. Instead the WEF has opted to promote AI’s alleged benefits while ignoring free speech concerns, claiming such tech is “likely to improve our future lives.”

“AI-enabled systems can analyze and optimize energy use in real-time, maximizing efficiency and performance – reducing energy consumption by as much as 40% at Google’s data centres,” WEF enthused. Of course, the WEF did not address the issue of woke Big Tech companies like Google, which MRC Free Speech America caught demonstrating clear leftist bias, controlling AI.

WEF continued to ignore the dangers of AI as highlighted by experts, including the “Godfather of AI” Dr. Geoffrey Hinton. “The recent introduction of AI-based language models, like ChatGPT, has already impacted life at schools, universities and workplaces, but if used properly, such tools can enhance productivity and creative output,” WEF detailed in its piece on the top emerging technologies.

The article also promoted the potential for AI to develop medical drugs, assist in engineering and architecture, and, of course, be applied to health care.

WEF supported failed COVID-19 measures including government-mandated lockdowns. Yet now, it claims trustworthiness in foreseeing AI’s allegedly positive effects for future pandemics. “Emerging AI-based technologies and machine learning tools could help the global healthcare sector both anticipate and better prepare for future pandemics or other challenges,” WEF pontificated.

With its wokeness and potential to eliminate an unknown number of jobs, AI could be disastrous in the medical field. Perhaps even more stunning, WEF touted the metaverse to help mental health. Yet the metaverse is largely controlled by woke companies like Meta, whose social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook, have been shown to be severely damaging to mental health.

Disturbingly, AI has been identified as programmed with a leftist and anti-Christian bias. In fact, MRC Free Speech America found clear bias in favor of Democrat President Joe Biden and against his primary Republican presidential challenger former President Donald Trump in May. In March, a study published in the Social Sciences journal showed ChatGPT’s heavy leftist bias, answering 14 out of 15 assessments in a left-wing way. ChatGPT was even shown to have cracked a joke about Jesus, but refused to do the same about Muhammad. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman also admitted that AI could cause “significant harm to the world.”

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