PUT ON NOTICE: New Text Service ‘Woke Alert’ Warns Consumers of Corporations’ Nutty ESG Goals

April 14th, 2023 5:14 PM

A new text service, Woke Alert, promises to alert consumers to the wokeness of major companies. From Apple to Bud Light, consumers can now know where to spend or withhold their money to avoid ESG, LGBTQ, and other leftist insanity.

Conservative nonprofit Consumers’ Research announced the launch of its new service April 14. Woke Alert, according to its website, targets companies that push woke agendas, including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. “Many corporations are putting progressive activists and their dangerous agendas ahead of customers. They’ll only succeed if we look the other way,” the nonprofit announced.

Consumers’ Research Executive Director Will Hild explained the service in exclusive comments to MRC Business and Free Speech America. “We’re excited to offer Woke Alerts to help consumers make informed decisions about where they spend their money,” Hild said. “Companies are incentivized to go Woke in order to score high on ratings systems like ESG and the Corporate Equality Index, because activists and asset managers like BlackRock CEO Larry Fink hold far too much power to force their progressive agenda on the American people.” Consumers don’t want that, Hild stated. “It’s high time they’re informed when these companies sell them out for far-left politics. Our message to companies is that if you go woke, we will find out and will make sure the American people find out as well.”

The service offers text alerts about woke companies., “Sign up for Woke Alerts to be notified when companies cave to the woke mob – so you know the brands attacking your values,” the company said. Big Tech companies are among the organizations that support woke narratives, particularly through censoring conservatives and those who challenge woke dogma like “climate change” and transgenderism. 

Woke Alert has labeled the “Not-So-Sweet Sixteen” of “Woke Madness,” including Big Tech company, anti-free speech Apple. Riffing off the “March Madness” concept, Woke Alert listed 16 companies particularly committed to ESG, LGBTQ, CRT, and other leftist political agendas: Airbnb, Apple, Balenciaga, BlackRock, Coca-Cola, CVS, Disney, Levi Strauss & Co., National Football League, Nike, Silicon Valley Bank, State Farm, Ticketmaster, Ulta Beauty, Uber, and Vanguard.

Perhaps soon Facebook/Meta, Microsoft, TikTok, and Google will get the Woke Alerts they have earned with their woke censorship and initiatives.

The Woke Alerts on Consumers’ Research’s site include warnings about Jack Daniels, Bud Light, and BlackRock. There’s also an analysis of the woke initiatives from the failed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). In the long run, SVB’s ESG projects only contributed to its failure and bankruptcy.

The State Financial Officers Foundation praised the new Woke Alert service on Twitter. “Kudos to @ConsumersFirst for this new way to educate American Consumers. And to Anna Bahr: Americans are equally concerned about the #ESGscam that's causing $80 tanks of gas,” the tweet said

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