Leftist NY Times Slams Lack of Twitter Election Censorship

November 10th, 2022 4:15 PM

Biased much? The New York Times slammed Twitter and its new owner, Elon Musk, for not censoring enough during the 2022 midterm elections.

In an article titled “Elon Musk’s Twitter Did Not Perform at Its Best on Election Day,” The New York Times huffed: “False narratives about voting in the midterm elections proliferated on the platform, which has shed half its employees since Mr. Musk bought the company last month.” The article tried to cover for the voting irregularities and malfunctions that occurred in Arizona’s Maricopa County on Election Day.

The main source The Times cited was the Election Integrity Partnership, which partnered with the federal government to censor in the lead-up to the 2020 election and whose members have since received millions in grants from the Biden administration. The Times did not mention that one “rumor” EIP targeted was subsequently corroborated  by Maricopa County election officials.

The Times melodramatically described the supposed “Maricopa misinformation contagion” on Twitter “fueled by podcasts, right-wing publications and fringe platforms, alongside increasingly aggressive calls for protests, recalls and arrests.” 

The outlet mourned that Musk’s Twitter allowed free speech during the election instead of heeding censorship calls from “misinformation researchers” such as leftist Common Cause’s Yosef Getachew.

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake warned on Twitter that leaving for a different polling place could keep people’s votes from being counted, which The Times said election officials “debunked.” Isn’t it factually tenuous for The Times to cite election officials to fact-check accusations involving election officials?

The Times added that more “than any other platform” Twitter’s content indicated “a significant rightward shift” on Election Day. The fact that The Times sees a “rightward shift” as a problem is very telling.

And all this so-called “misinformation” is supposedly propagating because Elon Musk allows too much free speech and has cut too much staff, indicated The Times. The outlet noted that Twitter cut its pro-censorship Trust and Safety team by only 15 percent, and quoted the team’s head Yoel Roth boasting about suppressing alleged “harmful behavior” on the platform.

The Times isn’t the only leftist outlet demanding more censorship on Twitter during the election. Axios wrote a piece Nov. 8, also slamming the platform for supposedly allowing more election-related “disinformation” than Facebook and YouTube. 

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