Joe Rogan SLAMS Rolling Stone Mag Founder’s Pro-Internet Reg Stance

October 11th, 2022 2:32 PM

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan contested the founder of Rolling Stone magazine’s arguments advocating for internet regulation on Rogan’s show.

Rogan told Rolling Stone magazine founder and Publisher Jann Wenner during his Oct. 5 podcast that the government cannot be trusted. Rogan added that the U.S. needs “an ethic that respects truth.”

Asked if he believes in regulating the internet, Wenner responded, “Absolutely.” Rogan pushed back: “Do you think that makes any sense?”

Wenner asked, “Who else is going to regulate it, Joe?” Rogan replied that the government is “going to regulate the internet in a way that suits their best interests, the same way they do with the banking industry,” the environment, energy, “the same way they do everything.” 

Both Wenner and Rogan agreed that there was a lot of money involved with the process of disseminating information online. Rogan described the internet as a “disruptive thing,” the sort of thing that has never existed before. “I think we need to move forward collectively as a country with an ethic that respects truth, and that appreciates opinions and reality,” Rogan said. He then slammed tech companies for letting their “corporate interests” block any would-be effort to establish a culture of truth online. 

Wenner agreed corporate interests need to be checked, but added: “There’s no way you can do that except through the government.” He said human nature wouldn’t change. “The government’s not going to change either,” Rogan countered.

Better politicians could change the government, Wenner claimed, citing food regulations. Rogan pointed to contaminated food, flagging government regulation as “a problem.”

Wenner responded, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” Wenner then turned to government regulation of Big Pharma, making for, he claimed, “a very safe supply of drugs in this country.” 

Ironic, in the face of studies such as the recent Florida Department of Health analysis showing the apparent cardiac-related dangers posed by the much-ballyhooed mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

Rogan called Wenner out on the Big Pharma example. “Twenty-five percent of all drugs approved by the FDA get recalled,” Rogan told Wenner.

The Biden administration initially started a now-terminated “Disinformation Governance Board,” before launching a White House task force to target alleged “hate speech” and “disinformation” and pouring millions of dollars into an anti-“misinformation” push. The White House also recently announced it was working with Big Tech companies to target supposed “extremism” online. 

Rogan has a good point: can Americans really trust the government to regulate speech online?

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