YouTube Removes Trump Interview

March 13th, 2022 5:52 PM

YouTube removed an interview with former President Donald Trump for election “misinformation.”

Fortune magazine reported on Friday that Trump sat down with the NELK channel to discuss golf, Ukraine, and the 2020 election. 

YouTube reportedly said the video contained “content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of the U.S. 2020 presidential election.” 

The video gained over 5 million views in 24 hours. The former president compared the removal to the Russian state media’s censorship of news about the invasion of Ukraine. 

"This is what they do in Russia, you know, if you look at Russia ... the people in Russia don't even know they're fighting a war with Ukraine," Trump said in an episode of Hannity after the deletion. Trump appeared not to be surprised by the platform’s deletion of the interview.

"I told [the NELK boys]: 'Don't worry, it will be taken down, because I'm doing it,'" he said.

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