Buzzfeed Writer: ‘De-platform’ White Parents

December 24th, 2021 2:10 PM

A culture writer at Buzzfeed argues that it’s time to “de-platform” white parents.

Culture writer Alessa Dominguez penned an article where she argued that white parents are the problem online. 

Dominguez pointed to the recent J.K. Rowling controversy to back up her claim. Rowling has been criticized for her comments regarding the transgender community after several “insensitive” tweets.

“Rowling’s status as a celebrity billionaire affords her extra protection and the benefit of the doubt while also helping to amplify her talking points,” Dominguez wrote. “But it’s specifically because she speaks as a white woman with ‘concerns’ about the safety of women and children that her anti-trans framing is accepted on Twitter and treated by the media at large as worthy of debate.”

Indeed, she argued that “misinformation” against minorities is the biggest part of the problem.

“Never explicitly framed as a misinformation agent who might merit de-platforming, Rowling is a symptom of the current media ecosystem, in which disinformation about minority identities is accepted as legitimate controversy.”

Dominguez added that “anti-black” and “anti-gay right-wing activism” have centered media narratives around white women and white children. Parents concerned about their child’s school curriculum are also part of the problem, she said.

[T]he timing and framing of these stories about race and education highlight that they were not deemed newsworthy because of concerns of the community members at the center, Black parents and youth, or the massive ongoing inequality around race and class that still permeates public schools. Instead, they helped reframe debate to center white parental anxieties.

Dominguez concluded that de-platforming white parents is the answer to an unequal world.

“[P]latforming “both sides” implies we live in an already equal world. We don’t. And that’s a fact”

Writer Christopher Rufo slammed the article.

"Buzzfeed wants to "deplatform white parents" from any decisions about their children's education," he tweeted. "They want to use taxpayer money to push gender ideology and critical race theory—with no obstruction."