STEADFAST! Whitlock ‘Won’t Post Bail’ After Twitter Censored Him for Roasting BLM Leader

April 14th, 2021 2:48 PM

Twitter silenced sports journalist and OutKick partner Jason Whitlock after he called out a self-described Marxist and prominent Black Lives Matter activist for buying an opulent mansion. Twitter said he could come back after he deleted the post, but he refused to remove his comment.

Whitlock claimed in an interview that he refused to delete his roast of Black Lives Matter organizer Patrisse Khan-Cullors, even if Twitter continued to censor him on its platform. "I'm still in Twitter jail because I won't post bail," he said in an interview released April 12 on Curtis Scoon's YouTube channel ScoonTV. "I won’t post bail. I'm not sure if I'm gonna to post bail ... because, Curtis, we did nothing wrong. And so, I'm not running to go post Twitter bail when I did nothing wrong." Scoon mocked Cullors for buying a mansion in a mostly white area, despite her activist persona: “Black Lives Matter but I don’t wanna live around you.” Whitlock played off his comment, noting that Cullors will have plenty of “white cops and white people to complain about.”

Cullors’ extravagant spending has caused a respectability crisis for the official Black Lives Matter organization.

“Cullors, who has called capitalism evil, has two other homes in the Los Angeles area and has reportedly bought four houses for $3.2 million in the past year,” Fox News observed

Independent sports journalist Ryan Glasspiegel tweeted a screenshot a few days before and said that Whitlock told Glasspiegel that he had been censored for tweeting: "Black Lives Matter founder buys $1.4 million home in Topanga, which has a black population of 1.4%. She's with her people!" The unverified account for ScoonTV allegedly faced similar circumstances

Just got out of 'twitter jail.' My offense? Posting an article about a Black Lives Matter purchase of a 1.4 million dollar home in Cali. The article didn’t list the address, just the city. I posted the article on Thursday. @WhitlockJason posted it Friday. He’s suspended too.

The official Black Lives Matter account tried to defend Cullors while also denying she had made her millions from the organization: “Patrisse has received a total of $120,000 since the organization’s inception in 2013, for duties such as serving as spokesperson and engaging in political education work. Patrisse did not receive any compensation after 2019.”

The official account also suggested that criticizing Cullors was part of a “tradition of terror” against black activists:

This right-wing offensive not only puts Patrisse, her child and her loved ones in harm’s way, it also continues a tradition of terror by white supremacists against Black activists.

Twitter protected the thread with an interstitial that explained: “Who can reply? People @Blklivesmatter mentioned can reply.”

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