Christian Worship Leader Says It’s ‘Time to Fight Back’ Against Big Tech, Promote Free Speech

June 25th, 2020 3:22 PM

Instagram has reportedly censored users from sharing a video by Christian missionary and Bethel Music artist Sean Feucht. The artist said the platform is “classifying my WORSHIP videos as ‘harmful or false information.’”

“An Instagram user attempted to reshare video of Feucht during a peaceful protest, yet was blocked because the content doesn't align with [the platform’s] ‘diverse community,’” CBN News observed. Feucht originally announced that he had been censored in a June 23 post. He shared a screenshot from an Instagram user who claimed that Instagram had censored a “@seanfeucht video from a peaceful worship rally.” 

Feucht has used this case to highlight how America’s fundamental values of free speech and freedom of religion must be defended.

In an instagram post, Feucht declared that “US Senators & Congressman [sic] have reached out to me concerning the blatant censorship of worship, prayer & peaceful protest rallies we’ve captured.” Feucht stated that even Big Tech platforms have had to take notice of his concerns: “Facebook/Instagram reached out as well and we’re in some...uh...discussions.”

Feucht stood firm that this is the time to press the attack to fight for freedom of speech:⠀

“Because there is a BLATANT AGENDA to silence the voice of the church right now. Plus it’s a CLEAR VIOLATION of the 1st amendment and it’s been happening for too long. Time to fight back. ⠀

“They CANNOT control the narrative and suppress the TRUTH. 

#RepostThis #StopTheCensorship @holdtheline_[.]”

The screenshot indicated that Instagram had censored the video in question for somehow going “against our community guidelines." The notification explained that the Instagram story had been “removed for harmful false information.”

Feucht responded by blasting the photo-sharing platform’s censorship as a grim sign of the times:

“This is what we’ve come to in America! 

“Instagram is now classifying my WORSHIP videos as ‘harmful or false information’

“Religious Liberty? Freedom of Speech? Big Tech censorship?”

His Instagram post of this same screenshot lamented that “this is where we are in America, where even our worship & prayer (religious liberties) is seen as ‘hate speech’ to Big Tech.” 

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), who is famous for his efforts to stop Big Tech tyranny, blasted the move on Twitter: 

"Cancel culture meets #BigTech. Now @instagram is censoring a Christian worship leader who wants to post videos of praise and worship from places where there has recently been unrest. And that doesn’t meet ‘community standards’? Can’t wait to hear the explanation for this[.]”

Feucht also called out Instagram for allowing violent content while restricting that which calls for an end to violence:

“While @Facebook @instagram @Twitter promote the content of violence, rioting & destruction, they are actively CENSORING worship, prayer, peaceful protest & anything going against their fear-mongering narrative.”

Feucht added that “My feed and many others is proof” and called upon his fans to “#ChangeTheNarrative.”

Instagram users can contact its official account to let the company know that censorship will not be tolerated. 

If you have been censored, contact NewsBusters via our Media Research Center contact form, which holds Big Tech accountable.