Liberal Desperation: California Doctor Proposes Floating Abortion Clinics in Gulf of Mexico

July 11th, 2022 12:26 PM

It seems the left will resort to anything at all in order to safeguard their ability to murder babies. I do mean anything, as a California doctor seems to want to create “floating” abortion clinics in the Gulf of Mexico for southern women to use to get around their state’s restrictions, as reported by Yahoo News on July 10.Abortion Protestors outside The White House

Dr. Meg Autry, an OB-GYN and Professor at the University of California, San Francisco, proposed using boats to circumvent southern abortion laws by performing the procedure in federal waters. She said it would “offer first-trimester surgical abortions, contraception, and other care,” according to Yahoo.

The non-profit in question is called “PRROWESS” short for “Protecting Reproductive Rights Of Women Endangered by State Statutes.” Apparently, her legal team suggests that “there is a swath of federal water where licensed providers could safely and legally provide abortions out of reach of state laws.” 

The proposal is similar to a ship that had been sailing around Europe for some time in 2009 headed by OB-GYN Rebecca Gomperts. It operates off the same principle, of picking up women from (formerly) anti-abortion countries like Ireland and sailing them out to get an abortion. It seems the idea isn’t new at all.

But of course, completely morally reprehensible. And now it's coming to the United States. 

Autry told the Associated Press, “There's been an assault on reproductive rights in our country and I'm a lifelong advocate for reproductive health and choice. We have to create options and be thoughtful and creative to help people in restrictive states get the health care they deserve.” 

‘Health care’ by the left’s standard is to charter a ship to sail out into open water so that women can kill their kids.