Gen Z is LAZY: Bringing Mommy to Job Interviews & Wanting Free Passes for Being Late

June 13th, 2024 11:17 AM

On Wednesday, MRCTV’s Tierin-Rose Mandelburg joined One America News Network’s In Focus with Alison Steinberg, where the two discussed how lazy Generation Z is - especially when it comes to their careers. 

A new survey of employers conducted by Resume Templates found that 26 percent of Generation Z brought their parents along with them to job interviews - and not just so their parents could sit in the car or lobby, but literally into the interview room. Some parents even introduced themselves to the interviewer and answered questions on behalf of their children.

Keep in mind, these aren’t 11-year-olds applying to work at a lemonade stand. They’re full-grown adults who want corporate jobs but are too weak to get them without literally holding their mommy’s hand.

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Similarly, a girl on TikTok ranted about how a job she applied for wouldn’t respect what she called “time blindness.” Essentially, the girl struggled to be on time for things and wanted free passes from her job. When the protective employer told her how absolutely absurd that was, the woman posted a video weeping about the situation.

Steinberg and Mandelburg noted that parents are raising a generation of weak kids, and our hyper-sensitive society is fueling it.

Check out the segment!


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