Rumble Slams Hate Mail From Cosmopolitan For Allowing Free Speech

September 27th, 2022 9:00 AM

A free speech platform just got yelled at for promoting free speech.

Yes, you read that correctly. 

The far-left outlet, Cosmopolitan, reached out to Rumble on Monday to ask for comment on allowing Andrew Tate, a popular and controversial social media influencer, on its platform. Hysterically, Rumble told it to look in the mirror. 

“I am writing an article about the rise of Andrew Tate and how many social media platforms — Meta, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter — removed his content for violating their policies on ‘dangerous individuals’ and ‘hateful content,’” Harriet Hall, Cosmo’s Features Director wrote to Rumble. 

“Tate is now promoting his content on Rumble profile to his users and using the platform to continue bedding his views and gaining followers,” Hall continued. 

Hm, that sounds a lot like what the left likes to do. 

Hall then asked for a “comment” from Rumble as to why it’s allowing people like Tate on its site.

In the e-mail, Hall mentioned that Tate’s content had been “labelled by women’s charities and experts as ‘violently misogynistic.’”

Tate came under public scrutiny, this summer especially, for his advocacy of traditional masculinity and gender roles. Some argued that Tate was “misogynistic” while he said he was simply “living a traditionally masculine life,” and people didn’t like it. 

In response to Cosmo’s email, Rumble gave the outlet a taste of it’s own medicine. 

“Like everyone else, you're welcome to join Rumble, but first look in the mirror,” Rumble indicated in a tweet. It also attached two tweets from Cosmopolitan. One wrote “Confirmed: Men who objectify women are effing horrible” and the other said “36 Summer Olympic bulges that deserve gold [trophy emoji].” 

Cosmo supposedly doesn’t think those are misandry, hence why Rumble sent the Tweets right back to the inbox of the left-winged digital magazine.

Cosmo’s had it out for Tate for years. In 2017 the outlet attempted to write a hit piece on him regarding one of his tweets. Cosmo did nothing except show once again that its writers are cry babies. 

Regardless of one’s thoughts on Tate, Rumble believes that he deserves equal footing on tech platforms. In fact, Rumble prides itself on being “immune to cancel culture.”

It’s about page states "We are for people with something to say and something to share, who believe in authentic expression, and want to control the value of their own creations.”

It also indicates that it’s on a “mission to protect a free and open internet” since “everyone benefits when we have access to more ideas, diverse opinions, and dialogue.”

On Rumble, users have the option to opt-in or opt-out of Tate's content. Nobody is required to watch Tate’s videos. THAT is what an open platform should do. It shouldn’t censor someone just because his/her videos don’t please everyone and their mother. 

Tate has some “hot takes,” but that doesn’t mean that he needs to be censored.

So, Cosmopolitan, just because you don’t agree with someone, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve freedom of speech. Oh, and like Rumble said, make sure to check yourself and your own content before coming for someone else. 

Get wrecked.