New Hollywood Blacklist: Chris Evans and Zach Braff Encourage Keeping Track of Trump ‘Enablers’

November 20th, 2020 5:23 PM

Probably nobody these days listens to Gilbert and Sullivan’s music, but the few who might may possibly remember the song, “As Some Day It May Happen.” In the song, the Lord High Executioner draws up a list of people that he plans to execute in case he should have to carry out his official duties. Apparently, some Hollywood residents approve of Americans who imitate the song.

Actors Zach Braff and Chris Evans publicized their determination on Twitter to “remember” the supporters of President Donald Trump, since apparently they are to blame for his actions. 

Zach Braff, who is well-known for his role in the medical comedy show Scrubs, tweeted on November 18, “Never forget all these enablers.” 

These are seriously angry people with vengeance on their minds. Why else are they calling everyone to remember “all these enablers?” Because, obviously, since certain people voted Trump into office, they are responsible for letting Trump kill 250,000 Americans with COVID-19. They are responsible for putting a white supremacist who supports the Proud Boys in the White House. They are responsible for everything that’s wrong with America, and rightly so.

Horseradish. Braff is just one of those hopeless leftists who are furious that Trump won in 2016 and still hasn’t conceded in 2020. Those kinds of people need someone to vent their unlimited rage upon. But by doing so himself, Braff is encouraging anger and resentment in a country that has too much of both already.

Chris Evans, who is famous for his portrayal of Captain America in Marvel Cinematic Universe films, tweeted similar sentiments on November 19: “#RememberWhoSaidNothing”

It’s entirely plausible to assume that this vague tweet is referring to Trump supporters who are not urging Trump to concede nor resisting his more conservative policies.

“Remember who said nothing?” What is this? Is Evans trying to indicate that Trump advocates are enemies of the state? Is he encouraging big brother government, where machines daily spy on people who have been labeled as “dangerous” to monitor their every action? Didn’t Evans condemn stuff like that as his titular role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier? He’s starting to make Trump adherents sound like bystanders to a crime. Who else is wondering if that was intended?

Evans is just another resentful anti-Trumper who feels the need to voice his indignation. Consequently, he’s egging on an already volatile leftist base to engage in behavior that threatens the safety of right-wingers. He should take a lesson from his most notable film role.

Or a lesson from Hollywood history. Who could forget the infamous Hollywood Blacklist in the years after World War II? How long until people are demanded to answer, "Are you now, or have you ever been, a supporter of President Donald J. Trump?"

Both actors' tweets may encourage people to start making lists, but right-wingers don’t need a list to remember these two as first-rate haters.