Dave Bautista Calls Trump Supporters ‘Small Crowds Of Idiots’

October 15th, 2020 11:00 AM

Like most celebrities, Dave Bautista doesn’t like President Donald Trump. But the former wrestler-turned-actor seems to have a special contempt for the president’s supporters. 

Boundingintocomics.com recorded that in a reply to a Trump tweet that detailed how the president “did more in 47 months than Biden did in 47 years,” Bautista tweeted, “Only the small crowds of idiots willing to sit through your bad comedy routines are buying your shit anymore Biff. Americans are voting by the millions. You’re exposed. You can’t lie your way out of it. There’s too many dead Americans. You’re fired.”

A few days before, he replied to a tweet from someone who’d seen an abundance of Biden bumper stickers: “Same! Seen them all over but not in my neighborhood. Which was full of Trump flags and signs in 2016 but are down to 2. Self righteous, ignorant or just downright scummy to the end. I’m hoping the absence equates to non support. This is well beyond partisan.”

On that same day, Bautista also tweeted regarding Ivanka Trump’s trip to Arizona: “Sorry man! It really doesn’t get stranger than seeing average Americans rally around Trumps kids! It’s the most cult like shit ever!!” 

Seems like a strange way to entice as many people as possible to watch his upcoming Dune movie.