Shocker! Oscars Poll Reveals Trump Voters Don’t Like Liberal Spiels

February 22nd, 2017 3:32 PM

When it comes to Hollywood, viewers on both sides of the aisle agree: political speeches aren’t that convincing. 

The data comes from a February poll conducted by the National Research Group and commissioned by The Hollywood Reporter. According to the results, only 25 percent of participants have ever changed their opinions based on information presented in a political awards show speech. Sorry, Meryl, that includes you.

Although only 19 percent of Hillary Clinton voters turned off the television when actors got political, two thirds of Donald Trump’s supporters admitted to doing so.

While Clinton voters were eager to hear particular policy topics addressed by celebrities, Trump voters were far less interested. For example, 39 percent of Clinton supporters wanted to hear words on “women’s rights” at the Oscars. Contrast that with only 8 percent of Trump voters.  

Since the entertainment world is predominantly blue, this aversion to Hollywood politics may have something to do with the left-leaning content of said speeches. But The Hollywood Reporter didn’t bother mentioning the bias.

If Hollywood is truly interested in bridging political divides, it might start with leaving politics out of the Oscars in the first place.