Michael Moore’s ‘Resistance Calendar’: ‘Our Goal Is Trump's Removal’

Getting overwhelmed by all the protests lately? Never fear. Michael Moore has a “resistance calendar” to help you keep track of them.

On President’s Day, the progressive documentarian outlined his new website—a “24/7 clearinghouse” of anti-Trump and anti-conservative protests and rallies across the nation.

Moore’s mission is clear, and it extends beyond Donald Trump. “Our goal is his removal from office,” he wrote in a detailed Facebook post, “and the defeat of any politician who isn't with us.”

With robust search capability, the site will eventually include a “killer map of the US” and a detailed calendar.

Currently, visitors can explore events by date and geographic location, and are encouraged to check the site daily “to stop the Trump madness.”  They can also add events of their own, pending approval.

Over the past year, Moore has been one of the president’s most vocal opponents, releasing his well-timed one man show “Michael Moore in TrumpLand” in the final weeks before Nov. 8. In a Rolling Stone interview about the movie, Moore labelled Trump voters ‘legal terrorists.’

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