Huff Post Praises Revolting NARAL Video as ‘Humorous’

A sick new video released by radically pro-abortion organization NARAL has made Huffington Post smile in delight. Yet other liberal media outlets are strangely silent. Maybe the irreverent and crude treatment of a sensitive issue is finally rubbing them wrong? Or maybe it’s the fact that the video has received over 4.5 times as many thumbs down as thumbs up?

Comedians in Cars Getting Abortions is a spoof of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – a series where Seinfeld converses with another funnyman en route to a coffee shop. Only this time, comedians Alice Wetterlund and Nato Green drove together to obtain an abortion.

According to NARAL, the parody was intended to be an amusing revelation of the hoops women must jump through in order to procure an abortion. However, it’s anything but funny. It’s revolting. 

Unsurprisingly, Huffington Post called it a “humorous nod to what, in reality, is an incredibly serious issue.” That issue, of course, being access to abortion, not the abortion itself.

In the video, Wetterlund declared defiantly that “I want an abortion because my body is doing a thing right now that is not incubating a person, and I would like to continue doing that thing. My choice, ok?”  “Also, look at that kid,” Wetterlund continued as she pointed to a wailing toddler slapping his dad. “Yeah, we don’t need more of those in the world. That’s the other thing.” “Good point,” Green responded. 

After unsuccessfully searching for an open abortion clinic, the duo finally pulled up to a crisis pregnancy center where Christians are made to look like ignorant dimwits. “Did you know that if you get an abortion there’s an eighteen percent chance that the chance of you getting into heaven is zero percent?” the receptionist asked.

Finally, the couple arrived at West Side Women’s Health, where, to Wetterlund’d relief, she can in fact get an abortion. “Thank God! Let’s get this shit done!” Wetterlund said as she fist pumped Green.

After the doctor listed various “requirements imposed on us by state law” (which Huff Post calls “ludicrous”), Wetterlund is frustrated by the roadblocks stopping her from obliterating her baby. Exasperated, she is finally informed: “If you want an abortion, the easiest way is probably to go to a place where it’s legal, like Canada or Uruguay. Or you could sail into international waters.”

This is not the first time Wetterlund has appeared in pro-abortiom comedy videos. Following the Planned Parenthood fetal tissue scandal last year, she acted in a “Funny or Die” video mocking the Center for Medical Progress and praising the great work of Planned Parenthood.  

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