Liberal TV Show Creator Chuck Lorre Has Message for 'Right-Wing News Outlets'

February 6th, 2020 9:26 PM

Apparently Chuck Lorre has taken notice of the articles that his vanity cards have produced on sites like Newsbusters. In the vanity card from Thursday's shows Young Sheldon and Mom, he had a message for "Right-Wing News Outlets."

It said:



In case you couldn't read the small font of the vanity card, Here it is: 

Dear Right-Wing News Outlets,

If you find the occasional political comments in my vanity cards objectionable, please click unsubscribe on the bottom of the screen.


My response?

Dear Mr. Lorre,

If you find the occasional article objecting to your political content objectionable, please click unsubscribe to the news sites that post them. 


A Right-Wing News Outlet Writer