NBC's 'Sunnyside' Goes Dark on ICE: 'The DMV's Racist Uncle'

October 11th, 2019 12:43 AM

NBC's newest comedy Sunnyside has started to demonstrate the anti-ICE sentiments that suddenly became so popular on the left once President Trump took office. In the latest episode, "Dr. Potato" which aired Thursday night, the team bands together to find Drazen, one of their fellow immigrants who has been taken by ICE. 

The show, which started out refreshingly patriotically, has begun to slowly delve into the liberal mindset of most of the other shows on television. This emerged in the conversation between Garrett (Kal Penn) and Diana, the woman who replaced him on the city council, when he asked her to go down to the nearest detention facility to see if Drazen was there. Diana said, "I mean, I'll give it a shot, but that place is pretty grim. It's like the DMV's racist uncle."

The anti-ICE undertones continued when the group found Drazen's wife, Lyudmila, who was hiding out at a bodega for fear that ICE would take her next, because she said, "If they picked him up for nothing, why wouldn't they do the same to me?"

Once they went down to the detention center to find Drazen, they proceeded to wait in line for hours before Garrett was able to charm one of the guards into revealing that Drazen was indeed in the detention center for pirating a film, and that he was about to go into his bond hearing without a lawyer:



Guard:Yep, he's here. 

Garrett: Does it say what he did? I feel like it's got to be a mistake. 

Guard: He got picked up for a felony. He, uh, pirated a movie. 

Garrett: That's it? That's not so bad. 

Guard: It was "Spice World." 

Garrett: Oh, Drazen, no. 

Guard: You're in luck. Looks like he's got his bond hearing today. Better head down there if you want to make an opening statement. 

Garrett: Oh, I'm not his lawyer. 

Guard: Yeesh. No lawyer? [Scoffs] Well, you better say good-bye to your friend because, uh, he gone. 

Garrett: Doesn't he get, like, a lawyer or, like, a public defender or something? 

Guard: [Laughs] You think we give him a lawyer? We don't even give him a translator. 

Garrett:  Man, that's messed up. 

Guard: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, they tell us not to think too hard about it, or else it'll give us nightmares.

Sunnyside went from a television show that portrayed the legal immigration process in a fairly neutral light to depicting ICE as the big, evil villain with zero compassion for those attempting to gain citizenship legally. But, unfortunately, that's what is hip right now, and so NBC was following in the footsteps of almost every other series on-air.