… ‘and Her Merry Persons?’ New Robin Hood a Black, Female Gen-Zer

August 9th, 2022 9:11 AM

No character is safe from the Hollywood lefties. They won’t stop until every cinematic hero from your childhood is either gay, race-changed, gender-swapped, or all three.

According to BoundingIntoComics, Global TV is beginning production on a new series that reimagines Robyn Hood as a female, black Gen Zer. New Woke Robyn Hood Shows How Bad Hollywood Is

The show's synopsis provides the most significant evidence for progressive propaganda. “In this modern take on the Robin Hood legend, Robyn is a fearless young woman who is not just another superhero, with abilities normal people don’t have,” the synopsis reads. “She is a Gen Zer driven by the injustices of today who embraces the heroic, hopeful and playful elements of the world’s most recognizable folk hero. She learns to fight for what’s right, to care for and lead her followers. And like all Robin Hoods since the first ballad, Robyn holds those in power to account by using their greed against them to help her community.” So instead of the classic stealing from the rich to give to the poor, this new Robyn Hood steals from the rich to give to domestic terrorist groups. 

“Robyn Hood follows Robyn Loxley, a young woman whose masked hip-hop band, The Hood, is known for their inventive videos and anti-authoritarian message,” the synopsis continues. “She lives in Sherwood Towers, a cluster of rental high-rises in a working-class corner of New Nottingham, a near-fi city where the cost of living has skyrocketed, leaving an ever-widening gap between the rich and everyone else.” So I guess she’s a Bernie Sanders supporter.

“When Robyn finds herself fighting for her home and her family against local property developer John Prince and The Sheriff of New Nottingham, Robyn and her band The Hood decide to fight back, righting the wrongs of the corrupt elite to give back to the people who are living under their regime.,” the synopsis concludes. You can put money down that the elites will be straight, anti-LGBT men while the heroes will be from all different races and cultures. 

This is one tv-show you can keep off your watchlist.

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