American Idiot: Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Renounces U.S Citizenship

June 27th, 2022 4:03 PM

Already in a post-Roe America, the Hollywood lefties are crying about losing their precious sacrament. Punk-rock band Green Day front Billie Joe Armstrong has joined his fellow lefty loonies in decrying the recent Supreme Court decision. 

According to the Post Millenial, during the band’s performance at London Stadium on their “Hella Mega” tour, Armstrong declared to the crowd, “F*ck America, I’m f*cking my citizenship. I’m f*cking coming here.” 

Billie Joe Armstrong melting. Talk about an ungrateful loser #GreenDay #RoeVWade

— Tanner (@TheRealTannerS) June 27, 2022

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Armstrong continued to disrespect the country that gave him his fame. “There’s just too much f*cking stupid in the world to go back to that miserable f*cking excuse for a country,” the singer added. “Oh, I’m not kidding. You’re going to get a lot of me in the coming days.” Armstrong’s plan seems to be to escape to a European nation. Does he know European countries have stricter abortion laws than the United States? 

The band continued to slam figures in the conservative movement. Then, for some reason, the band lit up the phrase “F*ck Ted Cruz” in red text, which does not make sense given the context. Can you expect coherence from these left-wing propagandists? 

Green Day has shown that they are the American idiots.