But What About ‘Pat?’ SNL Announces Its ‘First Nonbinary Cast Member’

September 16th, 2022 1:38 PM

Whelp, say goodnight to Saturday Night Live. The skit show is limping into its 48th season and it hasn’t been funny in 10, 20 years? Creator Lorne Michaels is about 110 and clearly out of ideas. But before he goes, he’s trying one last Hail Mary (is that what they call it in the CFL? Michaels is Canadian.)

SNL announced September 15 it has hired “actor and comedian Molly Kearney,” who it says “will become the first nonbinary cast member,” according to NBC News. That, as everyone who remembers “Pat” knows, is a lie.

Kearney, NBC says, “is from Cleveland and uses gender-neutral pronouns.” Non-ironically? If so, it’s too bad. That probably forecloses the possibility that SNL will take on the insane transgender fad – a phenomenon that’s begging to be spoofed, and one that would offer a path back to relevance for tired, ideologically stagnant show.