TB Rays on Twitter: ‘Opening Day a Great Day to Arrest Breonna Taylor Killers’

July 24th, 2020 10:34 AM

Ya gotta feel for the Tampa Bay Rays. Imagine having your Twitter account hacked by political extremists on Opening Day? You’re trying to gin up enthusiasm in a fan base that couldn’t come to your (craptastic) ballpark if they wanted to, and some basement Bolshevik is posting Black Lives Matter propaganda on your twitter feed.

That is what happened, isn’t it …?

At 8AM July 24, the Rays tweeted “Today is Opening Day, which means it's a great day to arrest the killers of Breonna Taylor.” Taylor was a black woman who was shot to death by Louisville, KY police in March. An investigation is ongoing and thus far the officers haven’t been arrested. What that has to do with the Tampa Bay MLB franchise or Opening Day is anybody’s guess. 

A few minutes later, the Rays tweeted this:


Even if systematic racism were real and not a dishonest notion assertion stemming from a twisted radical ideology, it still would have nothing to do with baseball in 2020. 

Then there was this:


So I guess it wasn’t a hacker. But the good news for Rays fans: Since your team has become an activist organization, you're not gonna miss much in the way of baseball due to Covid19.