Meathead Tweet: Trump Swearing in ‘Violating Constitution,’ ‘Committing Treason’

January 20th, 2017 9:26 AM

If we know anything about Hollywood celebrities, it’s that their understanding of constitutional law is matched only by their stalwart vigilance against subversion and treachery.

Witness this penetrating assessment from actor/director and famed Meathead Rob Reiner:

How will Trump be “violating the constitution?” In what way will he be “committing treason?” Well, you know. Cuz he's Trump. And Meathead didn't vote for him, so it must be, like, treason and against the constitution and stuff. Hey, are you a constitutional scholar? No, didn't think so. But Meathead is. So just you mind yourself and nod in agreement when your betters are talking.

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