Al Jazeera Hacks 500 Jobs

March 28th, 2016 10:48 AM

What’s Arabic for “schadenfreude?” It was only two months ago that Al Jazeera announced Al Jazeera America was closing shop – a blow to the dozens of New York Times-types that made up its audience. Now the parent network, owned by the government of Qatar, is itself cutting its staff by 500. (Cutting the jobs, not the people. We think.)

According The Hollywood Reporter, “The cutbacks come as 2022 World Cup host Qatar refocuses its spending priorities amid a steep drop in prices for oil and gas, the backbone of the OPEC nation's economy.” Wow, you’d think anti-American, pro-terror “journalism” would pay for itself.

As any good propaganda outfit would, AJ is calling the move a "workforce optimization initiative."

We should hope, though, that AJ isn’t the only recipient of Qatar petro largesse to take the hit. The country also funds terror groups like Hamas and The Muslim Brotherhood – relationships reflected in AJ and AJA’s wildly biased coverage of the Middle East.

But hey, as long as there are jihadis filming their atrocities, there’ll always be a place for The Beheading Channel.