Boko Who? Nets Keep Ignoring Islamist Group’s Atrocities

February 4th, 2016 2:59 PM

Shhhh! Religion of Peace at Work!

Remember Boko Haram, the African terror group that operates – erroneously, as President Obama never fails to assure us – in the name of Islam? Oh you thought they were finished, done in by Mrs. Obama’s frowny face and the brave #Bringbackourgirls hashtag campaign she launched with the student government wannabes at the State Department?

Well, you can be forgiven for thinking that. After all, big media like the broadcast networks do their best to ignore Boko Haram’s ongoing atrocities.

Like just last weekend, when the groupe attacked a village in northeastern Nigeria with suicide bombs and automatic weapons. The butcher’s bill was reportedly 86 dead, including children who could be heard screaming as they burned to death.

ABC spared less than 30 words about it on Monday’s Good Morning America, before moving on to a big story about an Amtrak train that wasn’t hit by gunfire and another about a surfer who had a close call. CBS and NBC didn’t think the news was worthy of broadcast time. Well, in fairness to NBC, it did allow Sen. Marco Rubio to tell viewers about the attack during an interview on Today with Savannah Guthrie.

“We saw the story with Boko Haram this morning,” Rubio said. “People need to know Boko Haram is an affiliate of ISIS.” No Senator. You saw the story. We were watching NBC.

But Rubio’s right. People do need to know Boko Haram is an affiliate of ISIS, which is not contained and which is quite serious about putting the “Islamic” in “Islamic State.” But forget about learning it from the networks. They’re reluctant even to mention Islam in relation to the group.

As long as the networks and other liberal outlets are doing Obama’s bidding, the likes of Boko Haram can go on killing in the name of Islam, while we worry about … surfing.