Race-Baiting, Bush-Bashing Comedian Chris Rock to Host Academy Awards

October 21st, 2015 4:34 PM

Comedian Chris Rock announced on Twitter today that he would be hosting the next Academy Awards show, airing February 28, 2016.

We all know that the Oscars has turned into a political side-show in recent times, so what hot topics is the liberal comedian most likely to bring up? We only need to look at this past comments in interviews to see that it’ll be a lot of race-baiting, police-bashing, Bush-blaming, and Obama-praising nonsense.

As recently as last May, Rock told the Guardian that cops "never" shot "white kids," only black kids. He said in the interview:

It’s not that it’s gotten worse, it’s just that it’s part of the 24-hour news cycle. What’s weird is that it never happens to white kids. There’s no evidence that white youngsters are any less belligerent, you know? We can go to any Wall Street bar and they are way bigger assholes than in any other black bar. But will I see cops stop shooting black kids in my lifetime? Probably not."

In December, he complained that Hollywood was a “white industry,” and told New York Magazine that white audiences could be hostile to his comedy. He went on to say white people needed to “own up” to the racism of their parents. He even said that he “drill[s]” his kids “every day” to make sure they didn’t experience any racism from the white kids they went to school with.

NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Your own kids are all girls, right?

ROCK: All girls. I mean, I almost cry every day. I drop my kids off and watch them in the school with all these mostly white kids, and I got to tell you, I drill them every day: Did anything happen today? Did anybody say anything? They look at me like I am crazy.

Rock also shared his dream job with the magazine, saying he wanted to be a correspondent to Ferguson and unveil the racism of white people that “the press [just] accepts so they “never dug into it.”

Isn’t it ironic how Rock just assumes that white people are inherently racist? Isn’t he making a racist generalization himself?

Rock also stands out for his praise of President Obama and his disdain for conservatives.

Last April he joked that baseball fans were like the Tea Party: “white and an average of 53.” He also claimed in the above interview with New York Magazine that Republicans like to play the “victim” when elections don’t go their way.

Rock has a history of bashing conservatives. In 2011 he gave an interview to Esquire magazine where he called the Tea Party “racist” and “insane.” The following year, conservative author Jason Mattera asked Rock to clarify his comments, in an ambush interview. As you can see in the video below, Rock didn’t respond well to that question:

In the New York Magazine interview he also praises Obama as the “NBC” to George Bush’s “Fox News.” He goes on to claim Bush’s perceived stupidity gave him an advantage over Obama.

This won’t be the first time Rock has hosted the annual awards show. He hosted them ten years ago as well for the 77th awards show. His opening monologue criticized George Bush and his policies at length, with applause and cheers from the Hollywood liberals in the crowd.