Liberal Celebrities Plead for More Gun Control After Lafayette Shooting in Gun-Free Zone

July 27th, 2015 12:10 PM

After the movie theater shooting in Lafayette Thursday, liberals of all stripes came out in droves to push for stronger anti-gun measures, as they typically do. Despite the location being a “gun-free zone,” Democrat politicians, media personalities and actors insisted that more gun laws would prevent these type of tragic incidents.

Democrat Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders advocated for banning “certain types of guns exclusively used to kill people, while President Obama audaciously said that guns kill more people  than terrorism.

Here are some more equally stupid statements made by famous liberals on why banning guns would eliminate violence.

Ex-CNN host Piers Morgan apparently thinks guns are the only way to kill people:

"Girls" star and creator Lena Dunham blamed “senseless violence” on a lack of gun control:

Pop star Katy Perry tweeted out that society was not “taking [gun control] seriously.”

Author Stephen King called the “plague of guns in our own country” “insane”:

Comedian and radio host John Fugelsang blamed the shooting on a political conspiracy between the NRA and Congress:

Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson said that the U.S. needed to adopt gun laws similar to Australia’s to prevent mass shootings:

"White Collar" actor Willie Garson complained:

Jenna Fischer from "The Office" tweeted:

Co-creator of ABC’s Modern Family tweeted that we needed #GunControlNow:

Actor Jeffrey Wright took the opportunity to attack Bobby Jindal:

The media’s bias on gun control is obvious. Liberal politicians and entertainment media have said all kinds of absurd things about guns and gotten away with it. Meanwhile, one common sense statement from Rick Perry, advocating for guns in responsible hands, made headline news Monday.