Olympics: Bobsledder Aja Evans Prays While Competing

Even though some media figures take to mocking Christianity, Olympic athletes aren’t shying away from speaking out about their faith – to reporters.

On Monday, Eun Yang, who traditionally anchors for NBC’s Washington D.C. affiliate, reported from South Korea for the 2018 Winter Games. While there, Yang turned her attention to the “very impressive” U.S. women’s bobsled team of four, including Aja Evans.

Their sport “requires them to push a 365-pound sled at full sprint to go nearly 100 miles per hour down an icy path,” Yang stressed of the women. “There’s no question they’re strong and fast, but they are so much more.”

When Evans first began bobsledding, she told NBC that she competed for herself. But, later on, she “started realizing” she “stood for something more,” including her country and women.

And, perhaps, her faith. Yang highlighted that the “fierce four” were “leaning on their experience and faith” for the competition. She pointed to Evans as evidence. Evans, who shares a sled with Jamie Gruebel Poser, described how she competes.

“I start and I run and I jump in,” she said, “and honestly, I’m in the back praying.”

On Twitter, Evans regularly refers to God.

“First season back since the 2014 Olympics and two surgeries on my knee,” she tweeted last year. “God is oh so good.”

She’s also tweeted about Bible study and messages like “God’s timing is perfect.” While visiting Austria in 2013, she said of the view: “Such an awesome reminder of how great God is.”

Evans concluded that, like the singer and music producer DJ Khaled, she tries to send her bobsled partner “all the good vibes and good energy I can.”

Besides Evans and Gruebel Poser, the team consists of Elana Meyers Taylor and Lauren Gibbs.

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