Celeb Michelle Williams and Daughter Have Had ‘Quiet Rage’ Since Trump Elected

The celebrity trend of bashing President Donald Trump is continuing in 2018 because, according to one actress, his win means that women “cannot do or be anything we want to be.”

The UK’s February 2018 issue of Harper’s Bazaar featured Michelle Williams (The Greatest Showman) on its cover. Besides talking feminism and Hollywood scandal, editor Erica Wagner spoke with the 37-year-old star about the president.

In her piece, Wagner described Williams’ take on election night, in November 2016.

“The night that Donald Trump was elected, she says, she – like so many people – put her little girl to bed with a smile on her face, both of them confident that they’d wake to the first female President of the United States,” Wagner said of Williams.

But the next morning, Wagner continued, Williams’ 12-year-old daughter, Matilda, “wept – and was then very angry with her mother” after she found out who won.

Then, in her own words, Williams recalled how President Trump’s win affected her daughter (whose father is the late Heath Ledger).

“I think in the moment she realised that everything I’ve told her, everything I led her to believe, was not true,” Williams said. Or, “We are not equal, we cannot do or be anything we want to be.”

Williams concluded, “She and I have been in a quiet rage ever since, and I think the same is true for every woman I know personally.”

The magazine issue goes on sale Jan. 3.

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