Celebrities ‘Shop the F*** Out of Nordstrom’ for Dropping Ivanka Brand

February 10th, 2017 2:53 PM

Twitter is famously one of President Trump’s chosen battlefields, and it’s a hot zone in the new war zone between him and Hollywood.

On Wednesday, Trump called Nordstorm “Terrible!” in a tweet after the department-store chain dropped his daughter Ivanka’s brand. In Hollywood-like fashion, big name celebrities, from Chelsea Handler to Judd Apatow, flocked to Nordstrom in support of the store – and shared the news on Twitter.

While Nordstrom said it made the decision “based on the brand’s performance” in stores, the president claimed differently. “My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom,” he criticized.

For their part, celebrities fawned over Nordstrom and tweeted about their consumer conquests. On Thursday, comedian Chelsea Handler tweeted a picture of herself with friends holding Nordstrom bags outside the White House to “give the finger to @realDonaldTrump.” The following day, she encouraged her 6.5 million followers to “unfollow trump” after Nordstrom stock “had a record day.”

Likewise, drag queen RuPaul modeled a Nordstrom shopping bag while Rosie O’Donnell shared a receipt from online shopping.

Citing an InStyle article, Scandal actress Kerry Washington “loved” the “levels of beautiful shade” targeting Trump.

Actress Chelsea Peretti called the deed the “American thing” to do.

Actress Beth Behrs praised Nordstrom for putting “love and kindess” above “racists.”

Comedian Patton Oswalt announced he would “be shopping the FUCK out of @Nordstrom.”

Producer Judd Apatow declared he would continue shopping to “make a point,” while filmmaker Mike Birbiglia asked Trump for his nearest Nordstrom location.

Actor Ben Feldman tweeted a picture of his mother and wife “makin it rain” money at Nordstrom, while producer Mark Cuban also posted shopping photos.

Actress Aisha Tyler had the same idea.

True Blood actress Kristin Bauer van Straten gushed, “I’ve always been a fan of @nordstrom.”

Comedian Billy Eichner and actress Mia Farrow also supported the cause.

Michael Moore also announced his Nordstrom shopping spree.

Star Trek actor George Takei encouraged other companies to follow the store’s example and “walk away” from Trump.

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