Soros Actually Gave $1.5 Mil to Cover Up Planned Parenthood Scandal

August 25th, 2016 9:44 AM

It’s no secret that liberal billionaire George Soros is one of Planned Parenthood’s biggest donors. Now leaked documents show that the horrific videos uncovering the abortion mill’s baby parts trade only encouraged his foundation to give more.

And the broadcast networks are unlikely to report it.

A leaked document recently revealed that George Soros’ Open Society Policy Center (OSPC), wanted to give $1.5 million to Planned Parenthood for damage control after videos exposed that the abortion giant was trafficking aborted baby parts in the name of research. More leaked documents confirm that the center not only requested, but also received the money.

With the $1.5 million, OSPC, one of the U.S. branches of Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF), funded Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s “Fight Back Campaign” as an “urgent response in defense of women’s health” – in other words, as a response to the Center for Medical Progress’ videos released last summer.

The documents came from thousands of hacked Soros files published online Aug. 13 by a group called “DCLeaks.” And while The Free Beacon and other conservative outlets covered OSPC’s  $1.5 million request, they couldn’t confirm “whether the funds were ever actually disbursed.”

But there is proof that Soros’ network did provide cover-up money for Planned Parenthood.

In a Sept. 23, 2015 memo to Soros’ U.S. Programs (USP) Advisory Board (also under the umbrella of OSF), Ken Zimmerman (USP Director) and Andrea Batista Schlesinger (USP Deputy Director) outlined “select developments informing activities of USP and our grantees.”

Both Zimmerman and Schlesinger worried about the “long-term consequences” of the videos, including the “substantial eroding of Planned Parenthood’s credibility and reputation.” And, in an aside, the directors revealed that OSPC indeed “supported” Planned Parenthood with (surprise, surprise) $1.5 million.

“Planned Parenthood is mounting a vigorous defense, supported by a $1.5m OSPC grant, in the face of four Congressional investigations and a cyber-attack that closed its website ... which required the hiring of security for many of its doctors, and otherwise distracted it from its core mission.”

Security was the first topic listed in the original $1.5 million Soros grant proposal to fund Planned Parenthood’s Fight Back Campaign. Besides security, the damage control initiative (projected to cost $7 to $8 million) provided money for legal defense, political lobbying, public outreach – and media outreach.

“PP is conducting national and state media outreach to both expose the true agenda of its opponents and transform the narrative surrounding these attacks,” the $1.5 million Soros grant request read. “PP is recruiting and training patients to tell their stories about the care they received at Planned Parenthood, and are running targeted television ads to educate constituents in key districts about these attacks and ask them to stand with PP.”

The Soros board reports summary section urged immediate action:

This $1.5 million grant provided an infusion of 501(c)(4) funding to Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF)  as they were waging a critical defense against attacks to the reputation and credibility of Planned Parenthood and potential loss of federal funding. This emergency funding enabled PPAF to implement its multipronged Fight Back Campaign to mobilize grassroots and grasstops supporters and lobby Congress to counter attempts to defund Planned Parenthood at the federal and state levels, and to continue providing critical reproductive health care services across the country.

“Critical reproductive health care” that costs not only money, but also lives.

Editor's Note: MRC Business analyst Alatheia Nielsen contributed to this report.