Katy Perry Wants to Ask Candidates THIS Planned Parenthood Question at #DemDebate

October 13th, 2015 3:50 PM

Pop star Katy Perry wants to ask the presidential candidates about Planned Parenthood – and how to defend it, rather than the babies it destroys.

In preparation for the Democratic debate Tuesday night, CNN Opinion asked celebrities “what would you ask” the presidential candidates. CNN hyped the celebrities’ “thought-provoking” responses, including that of Katy Perry.

The 30-year-old singer wanted to know how the candidates would “protect” women who want “legal, affordable healthcare” (including abortion) that they “require” from Planned Parenthood.

Perry, a vocal Democrat and supporter of Planned Parenthood, submitted this question to CNN for the candidates:

“With the GOP crusade to defund Planned Parenthood momentarily deflated, how do you intend to consistently protect American women seeking the legal, affordable health care that they so desperately require?”

As far as the “GOP crusade,” Perry is likely referring to the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of aborted baby parts. In a letter released Tuesday, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards revealed that the abortion giant will no longer accept reimbursements for “fetal tissue.”

The only other mention of abortion in the CNN piece came from actress Martha Plimpton. In her proposed question to the candidates, Plimpton focused on abortion in general.

Today, many women are worse off than they were before Roe,” she warned, “with access to this basic and legal health care procedure essentially out of reach.”

Her question continued by asking the candidates to “fight” for “reproductive health care”:

“Is it time for federal legislation, such as the Women's Health Protection Act or the EACH Woman Act, to protect every woman's right to reproductive health care? Will you fight for legislation that would ensure safe and legal abortion is available to all women, regardless of their ZIP code?”