Liberal Feminist Chelsea Handler Attacks Ivanka Trump

The most recent episode of Netflix’s Chelsea titled “Scientologists and Pirates and Aliens, Oh My!” aired on Friday, May 19th. Expanding on the usual bashing of President Trump, this show featured a vicious attack on Ivanka Trump.

“The best way to understand Donald Trump is to read a book written by one of his daughters,” said Chelsea. After a jab at the Trump daughter seen least by the public, Tiffany, Handler tore into older daughter, Ivanka, by using a crude, lesbian actress to imitate her in an interview-type skit. It was as obnoxious as it sounds.

Belittling the recently published book by the successful businesswoman, Chelsea was happy to read unfavorable reviews of the book from the usual suspects – liberal publications. She read quotes from The New Yorker and The New York Times, along with a random Amazon customer. Handler concluded that Ivanka must have cut and pasted the book’s content for “her daddy” the “fat clown”. Then she introduced the faux Ivanka played by Fortune Feimster. Handler began with a dumb question about being Jewish and next asked how Ivanka had time to write a book – Chelsea said as a working woman herself she doesn’t have time to read a book. Lol! It is hard to picture her as an actual reader, but, ok. The Ivanka character answers that it was really her younger brother, Barron, who wrote it as a homework assignment. Ending the painfully long segment, Chelsea asks Ivanka about being a feminist. “I am a feminist. Buy my shoes,” she says, followed by “F**k you, Nordstrom.”

Perfectly timed, Handler’s recent gathering with a group of journalists in Washington, D.C. was mentioned in publications on Friday and noted the topic of discussion – Handler boasting of her rude behavior right to Ivanka’s face last October when they were both honored at Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women summit. Only Chelsea Handler would throw an event to brag about being rude to another woman simply because her father is not the president she wanted.

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