'Supergirl' Litmus Test for New Employees: No Republicans Need Apply

In the episode “Falling,” Supergirl’s Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) needs a replacement for Lucy Lane, who resigned from CatCo during last week’s show. When Kara (Melissa Benoist) tells her she has a list of qualified applicants who are ranked according to the “least annoying,” Cat asked if there were any Republicans. Kara answers, yes – but they're reformed. Cat, a Hillary supporter, is happy with that answer.

Cat: So, I demanded a list of replacements for Lucy Lane, like, yesterday.

Siobhan: Ms. Grant...

Kara: Ah, here you are. I already checked all their references and ranked them according to who you'll find the least annoying.

Kat: Oh, any Republicans?

Kara: Two reformed.

Cat: Excellent.

Got it. Only reformed Republicans need apply.

A brief enough reference to Republicans as the undesirables but it was gratuitous. Most of all it was unnecessary.

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