Kat Von D and Josh Groban Stir Up Trouble on CBS’s ‘Life in Pieces’

Popular celeb tattoo artist Kat Von D guest stars in CBS’s Life in Pieces Valentine’s Day episode titled “Tattoo Valentine Guitar Pregnant.” Tim (Dan Bakkedahl), hoping to surprise Heather (Betsy Brandt) with a Valentine’s Day gesture of a tattoo, visits a tattoo shop with a design in mind. He intends to have “I heart Heather” inked onto his shoulder but walks out with “I heart Heater” instead. Oops.

Kat Von D: All right.

Tim: It looks like you already took all of them.

Kat Von D: Well, I mean, we also do piercings, branding, genital spearings.

Tim: I think I only have time for the one mutilation today. I gotta make a big splash with my wife for Valentine's Day. I was thinking maybe something like that?

Kat Von D: You sure you want to get that? Tattoos are forever.

Tim:  I gave it a lot of thought.
Kat Von D:  Okay. Where do you want to get it?

Tim: Huh. Good... Good question.

Sure. Nothing says happy Valentine’s Day like a branding or genital spearing.  Trying unsuccessfully to convince Heather that Heater is a swell nickname, Tim finally comes clean and shows Heather the mistake.  She finds it a sweet gesture and Tim reaps the benefits.

But wait. There’s more. I spy with my little eye a second celeb. It’s pop music star Josh Groban playing a guitar salesman. Young Tyler (Niall Cunningham) brings girlfriend Clementine (Hunter King) along as he shops for a new guitar. Groban, using a fake Irish brogue, openly flirts with Clementine. Tyler isn’t comfortable with Groban’s brazen behavior and the teens leave. 

Clementine: This one's cool. I have underwear this color.

Tyler: Oh, I haven't seen those. They like boy shorts or like...?

Groban: (Irish brogue): I can get you a good deal on that.

Tyler: Is it any good?

Groban: You tell me.

Clementine: Nice.

Groban: That is the worst riff I've ever played in my life. I wouldn't sell it to you even if you wanted me to. Do you play?

Clementine: Um, rhythm guitar.

Tyler: It's actually for me.

Groban: May I? Long nails on your right hand. Short nails on your left because, well, you finger with it. Here's the hand I finger with.

Tyler: You know, I think we should go. Uh, I'm also considering a banjo.

Groban: (Sputters) (No accent): Oh, hey, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan. Brian asked me to go get burritos for everybody, but can you do it, please?

Insecure teen is reassured by pretty girlfriend that she is his girlfriend and not falling for the flirting attention from other guys, and the occasional girl, too. Tyler buys a guitar and all is well.

It’s good when liberal writing staffers get the job done without obnoxious storylines. This episode was one of those.

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