'2 Broke Girls' Airs Juvenile 2 Penises Episode

Descending down the rabbit hole of desperate shock vulgarity in prime time television, the episode named “And the Not Regular Down There” of CBS’ 2 Broke Girls answers the burning question – why does Max’s (Kat Dennings) new boyfriend hesitate to have sex with her? – with sophomoric humor.

Why doesn’t Owen (Steve Talley) just jump Max's bones after a casual date like her other boyfriends have in the past? Turns out, he is a decent guy who just wants to get to know the girl a bit before jumping into the sack together. (SHOCK!) Also, he has a physical issue going on...

Owen was born with diphallia. What’s that, you say? As explained by Oleg (Jonathan Kite), after he Googled it, it is a real medical condition; Owen was born with two penises. Thanks for that, CBS!

Max: All right. Remember on "Full House," when you thought there was one Michelle, but there were actually two Michelles...

Caroline: Why are you bringing up one of the craziest days of my life?

Max: He has two.

Caroline: Two what?

Max: Owen has two penises! Why is it so hard to understand?

Caroline: Is that a thing that can happen?

Oleg: Yes. It's called diphallia. I just Googled it. It's a medical condition in which a male is born with two penises. The only case in which two dongs make a right.

After this conversation between Max and Caroline (Beth Behrs), Owen comes to the diner bearing a gift of flowers for Max. He discovers the other staff know his secret because they were all making snide innuendoes about it.

Feeling a betrayal of trust, he breaks up with Max, and rightly so. A show built around a decent guy’s abnormal private parts is desperate and juvenile. It's about time for viewers to break up with 2 Broke Girls.

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