'Domestic Anti-Government Militia' Blamed for Terrorist Attack on ABC's 'Designated Survivor'

December 1st, 2016 12:54 AM

ABC's Designated Survivor trotted out the tired trope of the "anti-government militia" right-wing terrorist group during Wednesday night's episode "The Results."

President Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) has worked tirelessly to ensure the federal election runs smoothly so a new Congress can be elected, but, just 17 hours prior to the first polls opening, he learns there has been a bioterrorism attack in Kansas City, targeting the polls and their workers.

It’s discovered that the culprit behind the attack is Walter Lynch, a white man part of an “anti-government militia” called the Liberty Defenders whose mission is “To Preserve the Liberty and Prosperity of Real America.” Somehow Lynch's attack on the polls is said to be consistent with his anti-government views. 

Man 1: Walter Lynch, 44 years of age. Worked as a truck driver. Currently on state disability insurance. ATF and FBI apprehended him at his home outside Scotts Bluff.
Man 2: In his home, we found evidence of ricin production and a list of polling stations across the country. Most are on his former delivery routes. We've notified the authorities at these locations to verify their safety.
Kirman: Do we have a motive?
Man 2: Lynch had posted multiple anti-government messages on social media. His attack on the polls appears to be consistent with his views.
Aaron: Sir, I think we should make an announcement right away. The public should know that the suspect's in custody, there's no link to Nassar, and it's safe to go to the polls. 


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Man 2: I'm afraid we can't do that just yet, sir. A search of Lynch's Web activity shows he's affiliated with a domestic anti-government militia known as the Liberty Defenders. 
Man 1: 16 confirmed cells throughout the West and Southwest. Lynch urged other members to spread ricin at polls in their respective states. 
Kirkman: So you're saying the threat is not contained. 
Man 2: Our field officers need more time to be certain. 
Aaron: How much more time? 
Man 1: Worst-case scenario - 72 hours to clear all the militia members. 
Emily: The election is tomorrow.  

Why do the networks keep coming up with terrorist attacks by American "anti-government militia" groups when radical Islam is by far the biggest terrorist threat the world faces? I know Hollywood is the land of make-believe, but wake up, ABC, maybe take a break from feeding us your liberal propaganda and give us a more realistic storyline.

Bonus laugh line: Speaking of unrealistic, President Kirkman tells a reporter, “I believe our country is only as strong as our journalists.” If that's true, our country is doomed.