CBS’s ‘Angel from Hell’ Full of Vulgar, Sexually Explicit Comments

Editor's Note: This story contains spoilers and explicit content.

Hollywood has portrayed angels many different ways. Often the depictions have been almost heavenly: Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life, Jonathan Smith on Highway to Heaven and the angels of Touched by an Angel.

Others, like John Travolta’s Michael, upset people of faith.

But the brand new show Angel from Hell offers a disgusting depiction of a guardian angel (or crazy woman claiming to be an angel) played by Jane Lynch. Lynch is a prominent liberal and lesbian activist in Hollywood, known for attacking conservatives on and offscreen.

“Amy,” the angel she plays, is no Clarence. She’s more like Dan Savage. The show was originally scheduled to premiere Nov. 5, but was moved to February 2016, according to Variety. Viewers can expect plenty of crass and sexually explicit remarks in the episode. The “from Hell” in the title is an understatement.

Lynch plays is the kind of angel who says things like “up your ass with that giant stick” in front of children, and whose sexual banter includes remarking that a mark on her shoulder “could be a wax burn from some degrading role play.” At one point she jokes, “You know what they say about a man with a small carbon footprint. Small penis.”

Amy lies, drinks to excess during the middle of the day and claims to be the guardian angel of Dr. Allison, a dermatologist, who is meant to “safeguard your journey through this world.” Allison thinks Amy is just a crazy woman, but Amy proves to know details that seem impossible to explain.

Amy introduces herself to Dr. Allison to warn her about her straying, loser boyfriend Evan. She lies about having cancer to get Allison to a bar and tells her that Evan is unfaithful, going into sleazy detail about second base, petting and “dry humping.”

After helping Allison realize Evan is unfaithful, Amy encourages the tightly wound doctor to loosen up, have fun and have a “let some random guy take you to O-town.”

Offensive remarks and controversy are typical for Lynch, who starred in Ryan Murphy’s Glee. Lynch is a lesbian and political activist who has said “Fuck Chick-fil-A,” mocked the Tea Party as anti-Latina, and who ridiculed Sarah Palin as her character Sue Sylvester, on Glee.

In an interview on Chelsea Lately, Lynch laughed heartily when Chelsea asked if she supported Mitt Romney. Then Lynch told her she was going to be Romney for Halloween. She also thanked President Obama for changing his mind about gay marriage, garnering a glowing CBS This Morning story.

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