NHL Reverses Course On Pride Tape Ban, Re-allows Players To Use Product

October 29th, 2023 3:32 PM

Remember the courageous stand the National Hockey League (NHL) took when it banned the use of pride tape? Yeah, that didn’t last long.

Just three short days after Travis Dermott decided to go against the league’s ban on tape supporting special initiatives, the NHL decided to lift its ban on the use of the product.

The company “Pride Tape” - which makes the item in question - had accused the NHL of “homophobia” after initially hearing about the ban, and pressured the league into reversing course. It even launched a petition which stated that:

"The removal of Pride Tape is a step backward from our collective goal of inclusivity. By reinstating its use, we can continue to foster an environment where everyone feels welcome regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Let's stand together for equality and diversity in sports."

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The NHL unfortunately caved to these demands, and it officially made the announcement on Tuesday.

Predictably, Pride Tape rejoiced when it heard the news that its shame and victimhood tactics (which are so synonymous with the LGBT movement) had worked.

An Instagram post from the company read that it was "extremely happy that players will now have the option to voluntarily represent social causes with their stick tape throughout the NHL season."

The NHL had the chance to make a courageous stand against the LGBT movement and keep its focus on the game. The league listened so bravely to the wisdom stated by men like Ivan Provorov and James Reimer, and were initially willing to keep players focused on the game. It showed signs of having a spine, and having conviction that other sports leagues don’t have.

But all it took was one defenseman and an angry pro-LGBT company to change their minds. I guess that spine they had wasn’t very strong.