Air Force Academy Focuses On Training Cadets In Gender-Inclusive Language

September 22nd, 2022 3:18 PM

Hear that rattling sound? That's Chinese fighter pilots shaking at the prospect of meeting America's elite air warriors and...being scolded for not using their correct pronouns.

Instead of being trained on how to engage in combat, the Air Force Academy is spending its time educating its cadets on how to be diverse and inclusive with their word choices.

No longer is flying planes or learning aircraft maintenance of utmost importance, but rather using gender inclusive words and refraining from using terms like “mom” or “dad.” Part of cadets training now involves new material from a presentation entitled “Diversity & Inclusion: What it is, why we care, & what we can do,” and the material is about as nauseating as you would think.

"Some families are headed by single parents, grandparents, foster parents, two moms, two dads, etc.: consider ‘parent or caregiver’ instead of ‘mom and dad,'" a presentation slide obtained by Fox News Digital said. "Use words that include all genders​: ‘Folks’ or ‘Y’all’ instead of ‘guys’; ‘partner’ vs. ‘boyfriend or girlfriend.’"

If you think that’s bad, it gets worse.

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Additionally, these soon-to-be Air Force officers are taught not say they “don’t see color” when looking at people, but rather to see the value each person has despite their skin color. Cadets also are charged to engage in group activities that will highlight how different racial perspectives benefit the team as a whole.

"Not ‘Colorblind’ or ‘I don’t see color,’ but Color Conscious," the presentation adds. "We see Color/Patterns AND VALUE people for their uniqueness."

Rep. Mike Waltz, R-Fla., in an interview with Fox News Digital said that the news is discouraging and that what he sees happening now goes against everything the military should be focusing on when training soldiers.

"Now we're instructing every cadet entering the Air Force to not say mom and dad, to not say boyfriend or girlfriend, and this kind of drive towards gender neutrality," Waltz said. "I think the Air Force should be worried about the macro aggressions against America that are happening all over the world."

Indeed they should.

If the Air Force is ever called upon to protect our homeland in combat, I would like to know that America is sending its most fearsome aviators who will show no mercy when engaging the enemy and do what it takes to protect our way of life. Instead, it looks like we will have to settle for grown men and women who are being taught how to be less offensive with their words in ways that children in elementary schools across the nation are being taught these days.

Our enemies should be laughing at us.