Lefties Don’t Like Election Results? Blame White People

November 11th, 2022 2:30 PM

On a segment of popular radio and TV personality Charlamagne tha God's newest show called Hell of A Week, the panel talked about how white people did not vote correctly in Florida and Georgia. 

They credited black men for doing the right thing by voting for Stacy Abrams in large numbers. But that was not enough because there's sadly too many white people outside Atlanta and Miami.

Suburban and rural whites are responsible for Kemp and DeSantis. The left wants them eradicated in one way or another. 

Guest Aida Rodriguez, a comedian, joked, "I think the solution is all those black men that vote should smash all those white women who vote. They should all have a bunch of black babies and increase the black population. And that's how you fix Florida and Georgia." 

The audience responded with laughter and raucous applause. 

While she disguised her diatribe as a joke, Rodriguez was saying the quiet part out loud. 

The left thinks if there are fewer white people, then their candidates will never lose. 

Charlamagne then asked Rodriguez why Latinos voted so differently from black people, with 43% voting for Brian Kemp. 

Rodriguez’s answer? You can probably guess it. “Because we got our own white people,” she complained. “And people don’t understand that. And the assimilation possibility for a Latinx/Latina/Latin people is higher. People can come from other parts of Latin America, marry white like they are told to do, assimilate and assume a white identity that black people cannot escape from.” 


At this point, it is clear that the definition of diversity according to the left is fewer white people and only refers to the diversity of identity, not thought. 

Charlamagne tha racist concluded, “Can’t trust latinos, can’t trust white women. Only thing you can trust is black men!”