Delusional: Salon Says GOP ‘Fascists’ Want to ‘End Multiracial Democracy’

October 13th, 2022 12:21 AM

Chauncey Devega really needs to go change his pants. He soiled himself in a hysterical Salon piece titled “Donald Trump has learned how to manipulate white rage — that's very dangerous.” “America’s democracy crisis” you see, is “a nationwide campaign by the Republican fascists to end America's multiracial democracy.” 

According to Devega, if successful, they will seek to subjugate the following groups and more as literal second-class citizens: “Black and brown people, most women, LGBTQ people, those with disabilities, non-Christians (or liberal Christians), immigrants, poor people and anyone else targeted as the Other more generally.” 

This does not leave many people left as first-class citizens. Just rich conservative Christian straight white men born in America with no disabilities? That’s rough. 

And how about all the so-called “Republican fascist” supporters who do not fit this mold? Are they so stupid and/or ignorant that they do not realize they support a group that wants to oppress them? 

As evidence for Devega’s “white rage” argument, he writes about how Donald Trump talks about the three black prosecutors who are investigating him for alleged crimes, calling them “‘racist,’ ‘horrible’ and ‘mentally sick’ people who are unfairly targeting him.”

For someone who appears to be obsessed with Donald Trump, it is like Devega does not know anything about him. Everyone knows Trump verbally lashes out at anyone who comes after him regardless of race or anything else. 

Devega likely does not even understand the irony of his claim that “At the National Hispanic Leadership Conference last Wednesday in Miami, Trump continued with his racist victimology, telling attendees that ‘No other president has been harassed and persecuted like we have.’” 

Racist victimology to an audience of Latino conservatives that Trump hosted at his own institute… Wow, that is next-level nazism.