Don Cheadle Jokes That Trump Has ‘Dumbmentia’

September 23rd, 2022 11:13 AM

Donald Trump hyperbolically stated that he can declassify documents simply by thinking about it and the left has seized on the opportunity to relentlessly ridicule him. Don Cheadle was no exception, stating Friday that Trump is a special kind of stupid called “dumbmentia.” 

It seems so dumb for a devout leftist to make such an offensive joke, especially when they get outraged at people who say that Biden has dementia.

This was not the first time Cheadle and other liberals have engaged in such hypocritical and hateful “humor.” 

In August of 2016, Cheadle wished Trump would die a painful death. In now-deleted tweets directed at Trump, first he tweeted,  “You are truly a POS.” Building on that, he tweeted, “Sorry. I misspelled ‘die in a grease fire.’”

Absolutely appalling. It is worth contemplating if someone on the right would still have their Twitter account if they said something like this about Biden.

Another example of the left abandoning their typical “tolerance” when it comes to Trump is fat-shaming him. They preach body positivity, but then make fun of Trump’s weight, such as Anderson Cooper calling him an “obese turtle.”

Liberals clearly cannot even adhere to their own principles. They are insincere and full of contempt, but they act like they are not by virtue signaling. It is about time they lose their status as the party of love and acceptance.